Water can be severely damaging to a building when it ends up in the wrong places. Water leaks cause building materials to rot and mold to grow. Water that comes into contact with electronics and electrical wires is a safety hazard. In this article, you’ll learn about common places where water damage can occur so you can stay on the lookout for signs of problems.

Water Damage Can Occur in the Bathroom

The bathroom has a higher possibility of water damage than other rooms in the home because of the plumbing lines behind the walls. Water that splashes out of the shower can also cause water damage on the walls and floor if it isn’t wiped up afterward. The bathroom builds humidity from hot steam from the shower, so turn on the ventilation fan when the water is running.


The kitchen has the potential for water damage due to leaking appliance lines and plumbing leaks under the sink. Keep the cabinet under the sink organized so it is easy to tell if there are moisture or water stains there. The sooner you catch this fairly common problem, the less damage it will cause to the cabinet.

Water Damage Can Occur in the Attic

Roof leaks translate to water damage to the roof boards and in the attic. In homes that don’t have an attic, you might see water stains forming on the ceiling. This indicates that you have an advanced roof leak. You may be able to spot a leaking roof by looking at it from the outside. Missing or damaged shingles and flashing can’t properly protect the subroof from water, which can then seep through to the attic. Enter the attic in the daytime and look for areas where the light shines through. Any opening like this may be an entry point for water.


Basements are notorious for suffering water damage because they are on the bottom level of the home. They are the first place affected by a flood. Also, problems like clogged gutters can cause basement leaks and water damage. Water flows over the sides of the gutters and pools against the basement, which will seep inside if it isn’t fully sealed. A sump pump in the basement can help drain water in a worst-case scenario, but it is also helpful to keep the gutters clean and the downspouts pointed away from the foundation.

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