Tips for Basic Tree Care

Trees on your property provide shade, curb appeal, and can boost property value. Trees create cooler places to relax outdoors and the shade they provide can even help lower your energy bill. But, you have to be willing to put in work to benefit the most from planting trees. Tree care and maintenance will allow your trees to grow healthy and disease-free.

Know Your Trees

There are many different species of trees. You might choose trees for your property depending on appearance, leaf density, leaf size, root growth, and size. When selecting trees, make sure the species will grow in the available space. Make a decision based on how the tree will benefit you and improve your landscape. The climate where you live should also guide you in choosing tree species that will flourish. Do some research online to learn about the best varieties for your land or consult a local landscaper.

Pruning to Care for Trees

Pruning involves cutting overgrown, damaged, or weak branches that may affect the tree and surroundings. Pruning is also necessary when branches pose a hazard to your property. Regularly inspect trees in your yard and prune as necessary to keep your trees healthy and your property safe from damage.

Add Mulch

Mulching helps soil retain moisture and slows weed growth. Also, mulch discourages pests that may affect the trees, especially in the early stages of growth. Mulching is a helpful technique in tree care because it also regulates soil temperature. Controlling soil temperatures improves tree growth by promoting root health. Mulch also helps prevent soil erosion, helping to retain vital soil nutrients.

Tree Care: Fertilize as Needed

You may need to boost the soil quality around the tree or in your planting area. Fertilizers will provide your trees with the necessary minerals and nutrients needed for growth. However, you should research fertilizers and find the right type to use for your trees and soil condition.

To enjoy your trees for decades, learn to maintain them. This will help make sure they stay healthy, beautiful, and strong.

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