When planning for home improvements, choose projects that can add value to your home. No matter if you’ll be living in your house for a while or hoping to sell it soon, these upgrades help increase property value and make your living spaces more enjoyable.

Add Additional Lighting

Add more natural light to brighten your interiors and make your home more appealing. Good lighting makes indoor spaces feel bigger and more welcoming.

  • Add or clean existing skylights.
  • Update your windows.
  • Install doors that have windows.

Replace any old light fixtures. If you cannot replace the entire fixture, purchase new globes and thoroughly clean the lighting.

Improve the Landscaping to Add Value to Your Home

The landscaping in the front of the house directly influences the curb appeal of your property. Tidy the yard by raking the leaves, pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, and watering plants. Water the grass so it looks fresh and green. Build raised garden beds that are appealing to homebuyers.

Install Wood Flooring

Remove old or outdated carpeting and install wood flooring. Buyers prefer wood floors. Carpeting traps dirt and allergens and is more difficult to clean. While the thought of ripping out your wall-to-wall carpeting might sound like a big deal, it’s not a difficult project. If it feels daunting, hire a professional to install your new floor.

Add Value to Your Home With a New Coat of Paint

Give your home’s interior a boost with a new paint job. If you are selling the home, choose neutral colors so you can appeal to a wide variety of people. Painting gives your house a clean, updated look and adds value.

Improvements for the Kitchen

Homebuyers often consider the kitchen one of the most important rooms when shopping for a new house. Fresh paint brightens up the area. Look at the appliances and decide which ones need to be replaced. Install a stainless steel stove, fridge, and dishwasher to add more value to your house. New appliances also tend to be more energy-efficient.

Update the Bathrooms

Improving the bathroom goes a long way in adding value to a home. Add storage areas, re-caulk the tub, and look at options for new flooring. Install a WaterSense toilet, faucet, and shower head.

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