Your home is where you should be comfortable, safe, and sound. Structural problems compromise the safety of your home and become expensive to fix if left unaddressed. There may be indications around the house that something is wrong. Look for these signs early on and take action to prevent serious damage to your home.

Doors and Windows Won’t Close Smoothly Anymore

If you notice doors and/or windows don’t close easily anymore, the structure of your house might be shifting. You might not even be able to close a door at all because it simply doesn’t fit. A crack in a window all the way from one side to the other is another sign of structural shifting. Don’t take any risks and contact a structural engineer to evaluate what is happening.

Structural Problems from Termites

A termite infestation usually leads to structural problems because termites eat away at the structure of the home. Small holes in walls and baseboards, mud tubes on the exterior of the foundation, and piles of termite excrement are all signs that point to a termite infestation. If you don’t address it quickly, termites will cause major structural issues.

Cracks in the Walls and Foundation

Hairline cracks in the walls and foundation are not usually serious, but substantial cracks are generally signs that something isn’t right. If a crack in the wall or foundation is ¼ inch wide or larger, it is a structural concern. Stairstep cracks in foundations or walls are also common and need to be investigated for structural causes.

Uneven Floors are a Clear Sign of Structural Problems

If your floor is tilted and uneven, this suggests structural problems. The joists beneath the floor may be rotting or they might not have been installed correctly in the first place. In any case, you need a structural engineer to inspect and assess the problem.

Take immediate action whenever you spot one of the above signs. You might be dealing with structural problems that can cause serious damage to your home if not repaired by a professional. Structural issues won’t get better on their own, and the longer they progress, the more expensive they become to fix. Living in a home that isn’t structurally sound is not safe for the inhabitants.

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