Look for These Signs of Termites

Termites destroy buildings from the inside out causing thousands of dollars in damage. Look out for these signs of termites so that you can catch the pests early on before extensive structural damage occurs.

1. Watch out for Swarmers

If you see a swarm of termites, it is a sign that you should contact a termite inspector. A swarm usually occurs in spring or summer and means that the termites are getting ready to reproduce. Take action if you spot this serious sign of termites.

2. Piles of Wings are Signs of Termites

Termites lose their wings after swarming. Even if you missed seeing the swarm, you might notice discarded wings around your property. If you see piles of wings, it is clear that you need a professional termite inspector to check out your home.

3. Hollow-Sounding Wood

Another one of the signs of termites that you should check for is hollow-sounding wood. Termites eat wood from the inside, so an infestation will leave the wood in your home hollow. Tap on surfaces around your home and listen for a solid or hollow sound.

4. Mud Tunnels

If you see mud tunnels running along your foundation, you may have a termite infestation. Termites build tunnels to travel safely from the ground into the building. If you notice these tunnels on your structure, call a professional inspector to pinpoint the source of termites and the extent of the damage. This is one of the signs that you shouldn’t ignore.

Contact a Professional If You Notice Signs of Termites

Whether you see a swarm of termites, discarded wings, mud tunnels, or notice hollow-sounding wood, address a termite problem swiftly. By noticing signs of termites in your home early, you can often stop these pests before they cause too much damage.

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