Too much humidity in your home is uncomfortable and can lead to health issues. Other effects of excess moisture include mold and mildew growth, difficulty breathing, slippery floors, dampness throughout the home, and damage to your belongings. Here are a few ways to reduce humidity in the home and keep your indoor environment more comfortable.

Good Ventilation Helps to Reduce Humidity in the Home

Good ventilation is important for controlling humidity indoors. In areas that generate moisture like the kitchen and bathroom, use ventilation fans to improve circulation and help to move humid air out of your home. If you have a problem with high humidity indoors, make sure your attic vents are open and use the attic fans to help dry the space.

Clean the Gutters

Overflowing gutters can cause water damage, roof leaks, basement flooding, and lead to higher humidity levels indoors. Regularly inspect your gutters and remove leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris that causes clogs so that your gutters function properly.

Use a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are great for reducing indoor humidity levels. For best results, purchase a dehumidifier to treat the square footage of the space where you have moisture problems. This appliance functions more effectively when the room is closed off.

Dehumidifiers work by pulling moisture out of the air and recirculating cooler, drier air through your living spaces. If you choose to use a dehumidifier, remember to empty its collection container frequently. If high humidity is a constant problem, consider installing a whole-house dehumidification system.

Air Conditioning to Reduce Humidity in the Home

An air conditioner is an efficient and effective way of reducing indoor humidity and making your living spaces more comfortable. If you are purchasing a window unit, be sure the appliance is the appropriate size for the room.

Turn on a Fan

Ventilation fans in the bathroom and kitchen help to pull moisture out of the air. Likewise, using a fan in other areas of your home will promote air circulation and lower humidity levels. When the weather is nice, open the windows and use a fan to improve airflow throughout your home.

When you take steps to reduce humidity in the home you will also be improving the indoor air quality, preventing structural issues, keeping pests and wood-destroying insects away, and improving the health of your family.

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