When working to upgrade your home, choose projects that the entire family can get involved with. You’ll improve your living spaces, get to spend quality time together, and teach your children new skills. Here are a few kid-friendly home improvement projects that children will enjoy.

Plant a Container Garden

Gardening is a rewarding task for everyone, especially children. By planting a container garden, you can grow food anywhere there is adequate sunlight. Put planters on the front porch, the backyard deck, or grow herbs in the kitchen window. Containers are especially great for young children because you won’t need to pull weeds and the harvest is within easy reach. Tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries, and peppers are easy to grow in pots.

Clean the Windows

Your children can feel proud of a job well done when they learn to clean windows around the house. While the weather is warm, clean the outside windows. Show your children how to make their own window cleaner by mixing 50% vinegar and 50% water into a spray bottle. Teach them to wipe the windows with a dry cloth first to remove dust that can cause streaking. Apply the cleaner and wash the glass. Follow with a dry rag or paper towel to remove the rest of the cleaner. Your children might also enjoy learning how to use a squeegee on the windows to dry them without streaks.

Refinishing Outdoor Furniture is an Easy, Kid-Friendly Home Improvement Project

To keep wooden outdoor furniture in good shape, it will need to be re-stained or sealed every year. For young children, an adult will need to sand the furniture to prepare the surface for staining. Older kids and teenagers can handle the sanding themselves. Sand the surface to remove old paint or stain and to smooth the wood. Use a quality wood stain and brush it evenly on the surface. Apply another coat when the first coat has dried.

Kid-Friendly Home Improvement: Upgrade the Mailbox

The mailbox is often the first thing people see when they approach your home. Get the kids involved in improving that area of your property. Purchase a new mailbox or paint the current one. Get the kids to help choose brightly colored flowers and create a small garden bed at the base of the mailbox post. This is an easy project for kids, regardless of their age. It will teach them to take pride in their home and will help boost curb appeal.

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