Spring is the perfect time to get your home in order, whether you’re going to be putting it on the market or you simply want to move into the nicer weather with a more organized home. With these spring organizing tips, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time at home more.

Clear the Clutter

You probably have more storage in your home than you think, and removing certain items from plain sight will make your home look a lot less cluttered. After going through your home to figure out what to throw away, give away, or donate, organize the rest in drawers and cabinets. Other things like baskets and decorative boxes can also be used as storage. If they are items that you only use once every few months, organize them in clear plastic bins and store them in the attic or basement.

Create Well-Planned Spaces

Some areas of your home are probably used as catch-all spaces. This could be a drawer, closet, or an entire room. Your first step is to get rid of anything you can. Then, decide what the single purpose of the space will be. Remove everything that isn’t going to stay there, which will leave you with much less to organize. You can further organize the space by grouping similar or complementary items together.

Make Your Kitchen User-Friendly

It’s frustrating to open up your kitchen cabinet to grab a pot and have a leaning tower of lids spill out on the floor. Spring is the perfect time to tackle this issue. To organize your lids, install a metal towel bar on the back of the cabinet door. Make sure to use slim bars so that the bars themselves don’t take up too much space. Then, put the lids behind the bar so that the knob sits on the bar. Even if you can only fit two or three lids on the bar, you can still organize your largest lids this way. Consider installing a hanging rack for your pots and pans, so that you can easily reach up and grab whatever you need while keeping things you aren’t using out of the way.

Set Aside a Chunk of Time

Spring cleaning and organization can be a huge task. Instead of creating more of a mess for yourself by rushing, move through your home slowly, focusing on one area at a time. This may mean going drawer by drawer or room by room, depending on how big of a mess you have. If it makes it easier to stay organized, have a checklist on hand so that you can remain focused.

Another good tip is that as you come across items that need to go in another space, don’t take the time to carry the item to that other room or area. If you do this, you could get caught up organizing that space, which means you’ll now be working on two projects at the same time. Instead, have a bin nearby to place all the items in that have to go elsewhere, then take the items out as you start working in those spaces.

Beyond Spring Organizing Tips: Keep Up With Maintenance Year-Round

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter and organized your home, you’ll want to stick to a maintenance schedule so that your home doesn’t quickly get out of hand. Pick one task for each day of the week. For example, every Monday you can dust, every Tuesday you can vacuum, etc. Other tasks to add to your calendar may include doing laundry, decluttering, or decorating.

There’s no better time to follow our spring organizing tips to give you a fresh, clean, and airy home.

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