With the holidays over, it’s time to tackle putting away all of our holiday decorations. But, before you start scrambling to get all your decorations taken down, think about safety first. Don’t start off the New Year with an injury or accident. Here are nine reminders to make sure that you are safely taking down your holiday decorations.

1. Power Down

It seems basic to unplug items before taking them down, but it’s easy to forget. Getting shocked while standing on a ladder taking down string lights can cause you to fall off the ladder and get seriously injured. Make sure that you are safely taking down your holiday decorations by unplugging everything before you touch anything.

2. Dress accordingly.

If you’re only taking down decorations inside, it’s a good idea to not wear loose clothing that might snag decorations, making them fall and break. But, if you’re outside, dress in layers. It may be cold outside but with all the moving and climbing, you will work up a little sweat. If you are working with a ladder, wear rubber-soled shoes so you don’t slip.

3. Pace yourself.

Safely taking down your holiday decorations can take more time than it did to put them up, depending on how many breakable lights and ornaments that you are dealing with. Take your time and gently put everything away safely. Too many accidents happen when we are rushed.

4. Buddy System

If you’re working outside, it’s always a good idea to have someone else there, especially if you’re climbing on a ladder. Ladder accidents can happen even if you’re safely taking down your holiday decorations.

5. Ladders

Speaking of ladders, they are associated with the most holiday decorating accidents. Whether you’re inside or outside, think about these things when you’re using a ladder:

Height: You don’t want to be reaching above your shoulder level. You could lose your balance. And, when the top rung is labeled “This is not a step”, that’s what it means.
Sturdy: Rickety ladders have to go. If it can’t be tightened, don’t risk climbing on it. Instead, repurpose old ladders as functional decorations in your home.
Footing: Make sure your ladder is on a solid surface and don’t lean too far to reach something. If it gets top-heavy, it will tip over.

6. Safely Taking Down your Holiday Decorations with Children

Of course, your kids will want to help. Just guide them toward tasks that don’t involve anything that has a plug or is breakable.

7. Packing Material

Investing in sturdy storage boxes is one of the best tips for safely taking down holiday decorations. Not only will you keep them safe for next year, but you also won’t be as likely to get cut when unpacking the boxes.

8. Heavy Boxes

Protect your back and don’t overload boxes. You can use some of the lighter decorations like garland to balance out the weight.

9. Clean as you go.

If things break, clean up the mess right away so no one gets cut.

As you are taking your holiday decorations down in the next few days, keep these safety tips in mind. R. Sorensen Construction & Inspections wishes you a Happy New Year!