A kitchen is essential to a home and when the space is small, it presents a unique set of challenges. The key is to declutter and stay organized. Fortunately, there are many space-saving ideas for small kitchens, from adding pull-out cabinets to a multi-functional island.

If you’re feeling cramped in your kitchen, look at these ways to save space so you can create a useful kitchen that you’ll love.

Ideas to Save Space in Small Kitchens

Install Ceiling-High Cabinets

To save space in a smaller kitchen, start with the cabinets. Install them flush with the ceiling to add extra storage capacity. Store seldom-used items or fancy china in the higher areas. As a bonus, this makes the room appear larger than it is.

Use a Single Bowl Sink

A large amount of counter space is taken up by a double sink. While this is nice to have, when it comes to a small kitchen, the single-bowl option is better. Also, one of the top ideas for small kitchens is to install a sink that mounts under the countertop Since the sink edges will be covered, you’ll add a few inches of space to your counter.

Ideas for Small Kitchens: Appliances

Kitchen appliances take up valuable counter space. Only keep appliances that you use often and store them away when not in use. Install a small stove and refrigerator. Vintage style appliances are often made smaller, making the room appear stylish and quaint.

Use Pull-Out Storage

Instead of shoving infrequently used pots and pans to the back of the cabinets, install roll-out shelves for convenience. You can neatly organize and easily access them when needed. These pull-outs can be installed in your current cabinets, making them an affordable and easy option. The space between your refrigerator and the wall can also be used by adding a narrow cabinet that rolls out.

Add an Island or Cart

If you have space, add a small rolling island or cart to your kitchen. This adds storage space and more room for food prep. Often these come with cutting board tops and haves hooks and shelves for storage. Some kitchen carts even have space to store wine bottles.

Corner Ideas for Small Kitchens

When trying to make every inch count, look for empty spaces. You probably have at least one corner where you can add shelving. These don’t have to be large and they won’t interfere with the counter space beneath them.

Make Walls Functional in Small Kitchens

Instead of adding a tile backsplash to your kitchen wall, mount a decorative pegboard to hang essentials for easy access.

In addition to these space-saving ideas for small kitchens, regularly evaluate what you have and what you use. Choose items that have multiple uses and don’t be afraid to toss or donate anything that you don’t need.

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