Keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the colder months seems to get more expensive each year. If you find yourself turning the thermostat down in an effort to save money, check out these tips to help you efficiently heat your home.

Reasons to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Smart home heating strategies will help you save money on energy costs throughout the winter. When you efficiently heat your home, you can extend the life of your heater, reduce expensive breakdowns, and stay comfortable indoors even on frigid days. Follow these efficient home heating tips.

1. Install Smart Home Features

Consider using smart home technology. Along with installing a programmable and smart thermostat that you can control from any location, put sensors in each room to determine if people are using the room. These sensors will adjust the temperature of each room individually depending on whether it is occupied or not.

2. Upgrade Your Older HVAC Equipment

As you look for tips to efficiently heat your home, be aware that today’s HVAC systems are much more energy efficient than systems that are a decade old or older. If you are uncertain if a full equipment replacement is cost-effective, consult with an HVAC technician to learn about more modern, energy-saving options.

3. Use Fans To Efficiently Heat Your Home

Ceiling fans are not only for summertime use. When ceiling fans run at a slower speed throughout the winter, they circulate the HVAC system’s climate-controlled air and increase the system’s efficiency. Remember to adjust the rotation of the fan in the winter and summer as needed. Leave your home’s interior doors open to further promote air circulation.

4. Seal Your Home

Your home is weather-sealed, but these materials do not remain effective indefinitely. Door and window seals block external air from entering the home and keep the warm air inside. Insulation in your attic and walls blankets the home to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

These features eventually deteriorate and may require replacement. To efficiently heat your home, review the condition of weather seals and insulation to determine if replacement is needed.

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