Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, remote working has become the norm for many people. If you work from home, you need a dedicated area to focus and avoid distractions. An untidy corner in the living room is not the best option for productivity. Design a space that is comfortable and functional. Read on for advice on how to create a home office.

Choose a Space for Your Home Office

Choose an area in your home free of distractions and where you feel calm and relaxed. You may not have the luxury of an entire room to dedicate to a workspace, but you can still create a functional one. Find a quiet area with good lighting so you can focus. Use a spare bedroom, the kitchen island, or design an office space in the basement or attic.

If you do not have a specific room and have to move your workspace around frequently, look for a folding desk or one with wheels. Alternatively, invest in a rolling cart to make it easier to move work essentials out of the way.

Create a Home Office: Pick a Paint Color

The color of a room creates its atmosphere. Choose a color that embodies whatever mood you hope to establish in the office. Earthy blues and greens, warm whites, and sandy colors can promote productivity and lower stress levels. Bolder colors can make you feel more energetic.

Get Creative with Storage

Keeping your office organized will help you to focus better. Having a place to store supplies makes the space neater and allows you to pack up your workspace when you are not using it. Portable storage solutions are beneficial if your office space is in an area like the kitchen or living room.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

Sitting at a desk all day can cause symptoms such as back and neck pain and headaches. Invest in an office chair with proper back support to combat these symptoms. Your desk and monitor should be at a comfortable height. If you are using a laptop, purchasing a laptop stand is a good idea, especially if you participate in online conference calls as part of your job.

Working from home undoubtedly gives you added freedom. However, you’ll spend a lot of time in your workspace, so use that freedom to make it as comfortable and functional for yourself as possible.

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